American Enterprise Publications
American Enterprise Publications is the home of Biblically based, free market books on economics and constitutionally based limited civil government. Their publications explain the principles of godly freedom and self-responsibility by applying Biblical principles to economic exchange, to civil government, and to America’s social institutions.

American Heritage Party
Imagine a political party based solely on the Word of God that offers training in life and public service in order to build a new generation of dedicated Christian statesmen!

America’s Renewal
America’s Renewal is a business designed to help speakers and organizations more effectively impact the World for Christ. It is the ministry of Elysse Barrett, the daughter of BWLC director, David Barrett.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
CARM is an Internet based ministry. It is the purpose of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry to discuss various theological systems and examine them from a Christian perspective. CARM is useful in that it documents the religious beliefs of a system, analyzes them, and compares them to biblical revelation.

Christian Worldview
The purpose of our ministry is equip people to think and live with a consistent and cohesive worldview. The resources offered through this website will help you to understand that the Christian faith is reasonable and makes sense in a world that has lost its moral compass.

Covenant Academy
Covenant Academy is a private, Christian day school in Boise, Idaho operating from a Biblical Principles Philosophy of education. They offer full-time and part-time enrollment, as well as block scheduling to more effectively service homeschooling families.

Covenant Academy Online
Providing online highschool-level classes from a Biblical Worldview. Ideal for homeschooled students.

Eagle Rock Ministries International
The Eagle Rock Ministries International is an outreach of Dimitri and Liliya Nosarev, based in Meridian, ID. It was founded in July, 2004. Dimitri Nosarev is a Russian-born evangelist to the United States.
FaithTalks was born out of a desire to give a platform to women of influence to encourage, inspire, & challenge other women in their race of faith. By way of articles, interviews, & women’s events we seek to bring together women from all backgrounds to encourage each other in their common bond of Jesus Christ, and reach out to those needing His love.

Generation Life
Generation Life is a dynamic movement of young people who are building a culture of life by spreading the intertwined pro-life and chastity messages to their peers.

Nehemiah Institute
The Nehemiah Institute is a unique Christian ministry providing a one-of-a-kind Christian worldview testing and training program to families, schools and churches. Their program is known as PEERS Testing. Its purpose is to aid Christians in developing a distinctly Biblical worldview.

Rare Jewel Magazine
Readers can count on Rare Jewel Magazine to provide clear and easy to understand analysis on today’s important topics to help them protect their families and reestablish our nation’s Christian heritage. It is our mission to publish practical content that will enable readers to obtain an in-depth understanding about today’s trends and issues and their ramifications in our culture and our families.

Restore America
Restore America was founded in 1999 to call all Bible believing, voter eligible Christians in America to REGISTER and VOTE in every election. It is the vision of Restore America to see the Restoration and Preservation of America as a nation “Under God”.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18

Restoring Northwest America Conference
Join Oregon and Washington pastors, youth leaders, legislators, business leaders and students for two informative and motivating days in Portland, Oregon at the Restoring Northwest America Conference, March 3-4, 2006. Already, several nationally known speakers, including Dr. Gary Cass, Marshall Foster, Janet Folger, Dr. Rick Scarborough, Gary DeMar, Matthew Staver and Herb Titus are looking forward to address critical contemporary social, moral, political, spiritual and ethical issues that confront all Americans. More nationally known speakers are being invited.

The Montgomery Institute
The Montgomery Institute is a homeschool support and service organization founded upon the Biblical Principles philosophy of education, operating in Southwest and South Central Idaho. Whether you are a veteran homeschooler, or just beginning your journey, the Institute can offer support to your homeschooling family.

Treasure Valley Christian News
It is the mission of Treasure Valley Christian News to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to inform, motivate, equip and unite Christians throughout the Treasure Valley Idaho area via printed and electronic media.

Wisdom’s Gate
Wisdom’s Gate serves homeschool families and the Christian community with quality materials which emphasize Character Building, Family Discipleship, Homeschooling, and Developing a Biblical Worldview. Their publications reflect the belief that all truth comes from God as He has revealed Himself in the Bible. Among the materials produced by Wisdom’s Gate are the Home School Digest and An Encouraging Word magazines.